Friday, March 10, 2006


It has been quite wet the last few days after the snow last week. I went out and took some photos in the garden for the first time this year earlier.

The frogs have been busy for the last 3 days and there is now a small amount of frogspawn in our small pond.

I am registered with the Phenology network and the Woodland Trust and as part of Springwatch they ask you to log when you notice changes and events for the first time in your area. There is a live map showing event across the country. Ours seem to be late this year.

Spiers and Boden....

are on at Whitchurch folk club in Shropshire tomorrow night and we are off to see them. We believe there are still tickets if you're quick....

I have just had a look around their website and they now have a blog on It doesn't seem to be working properly and won't let me download music.

Jon Boden also has his own blog on my space and has some tracks to download from his new solo electric album due out in April... I am looking forward to being able to download them! Thanks to Simon from under the green hill for telling me about that one.

But the most exciting thing is that Bellowhead are playing at Poynton Folk Festival and we are dancing/playing there with Black Dog Molly . We are on the same bill as Bellowhead!!!!

We're back

and we've got some 700 photos to sort through!
We have posted some here on atypical and will create some galleries.

Here's one of the pics I took that I really like -

We did not see any live music unfortunately, but on a drive out to look for the northern lights on our first evening we were taken past the studio that Sigur Ros record at!! We then went on to see a spectular show of the aurora for over an hour. It was the first time they'd been seen since December 2005. We were very lucky.

I feel so privileged to have been. Iceland is an amazing country and if you can get there, you should go.