Friday, August 11, 2006

Tone and I are experimenting with a new blog on Shutterchance. It's a new project, that is still developing and have some bugs, but has lots of potential.

Tone is also trying a new programme from Adobe called Lightroom. I've not tried it yet - I need to put aside some time to have a good look.

We are still blogging on atypical. We create this blog ourselves using frontpage and have a webhost. We publish to an old domain that we Tone used to publish a website for a friend's band called Texas Flood on. We pay for the domain, but haven't got enough space there to migrate the whole of our photoblog over to. But we have now run out of server space anyway.

This has led to me spending quite a few hours transferring some of our galleries of photos over to flickr. We have atypicaltravel which is photos of our travels in the UK, travelatypical which is our overseas travel photography and atypicalblog which is general stuff, in particular performance, plants and portraits. They are all free accounts and so there is a low monthly upload limit and we can only have 3 sets in each account. We are thinking of upgrading to a pay account but as flickr is such a huge company with so many accounts, we are don't get much benefit from being part of the flickr community compared to say Shutterchance. It is easy on Shutterchance to get good feedback from other bloggers - that is the aim of the project.

So - your views would be welcome.