Tuesday, November 22, 2005

keyhole surgery

you'll need the skill level of a surgeon to work this one out!

Go to Clare Sudbery's site Boob pencil and see if you can guess which house belongs to each one of the 13 bloggers. One is mine!

Go on.... have a go.......you've got 'til Friday 25th Nov 05

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm still here....

blimey I didn't realise it's been so long since I posted here.

I bet you've given up on me.

I have been back at work a while and that has kept me away. I have now done 2 and a bit weeks of my new part-time regime - I now work 4 days a week. I am feeling some benefit.

In the meantime I have done my first dance-out with Black Dog Molly - see our best pictures on atypical here. Tone was the official photographer.
This is me - I was very excited and so I was hitting hard! Chris was facing me and was suprised.

We had white faces and false cobwebs on our hats because it was hallowe'en, in case you were wondering.

There are more pictures here on BDM Fotki.

I was 36 yesterday and my main pressies were a new piano accordion - a nicer sound and smoother bellows (but smaller range - 2 and a half octaves) - and a new MP3 player - my other one died the night before my birthday!!! It is essential so I can listen to Spiers and Boden at work! Thanks Tone, Phil and Rich xxx

Talking of J&J we went to an amazing gig at Northwich folk club two weeks ago - I will remember it for a long time. They were awesome.

By the way - we have found a receipt for one of our broken cameras and persuaded the insurance company to repair it so we get it back in a week or so. What a wait!!! As a result of the long wait I have taken hardly any pictures. I took a few on my D70 at the apple festival at Reaseheath College in October.