Sunday, January 08, 2006

I stumbled across.....

..... The SU periodic table - a photographic website, today.

It's really well done - the photos all have something in them with letters on and the thumbnails for the pictures are all sections of the larger picture focussing on the letters of an element in the periodic table - nice idea eh?

I found the site using stumble. Tone signed us up for it - see bloghawk soon for more info including how he found it. It's great - I just chose the topic "photography" and then clicked - I have not found any complete crap yet! I just need to learn how to use it to make favourite lists and tag sites myself.

I think I will probably blog here a bit more now - I seem to have lost my motivation whilst off work - I don't think I need the distraction/ relaxation/ outlet as much when I am vegetating at home.... and I thought I would do it more, as I had more time over the Christmas break.

Anyway - I think there are more reasons for blogging coming up soon - Black Dog Molly are dancing out tomorrow night as it's Plough Monday - the traditional day for Molly apparently.

We booked our next holiday yesterday - to Iceland - it's really exciting - it will be an amazing photographic opportunity. We go in early March with Discover the World Arctic Experience ethically responsible holidays!

Whilst I'm here - just thought I'd let you know my dead camera is now back to life and back home from the menders. I will get round to using it soon I promise. i have taken a few pics with the D70 recently. One of them is this -

It's a picture I have been meaning to take for months. I kept driving and walking past it on my way out of our estate and either didn't have my camera, didn't have time, or the weather conditions were wrong, to take a pic. I finally did it last week when we were on our way back from a walk round our local woods/ streets. Tone called it enigmatic.... I just like the odd buildings on the slope - I think it's a water table.

It's on atypical - so whilst you're there, why not take a look at some of mine and Tone's favourite pictures from just over a year of atypical? Well I am sure you have better things to be doing, but go on, and leave us a comment, that would be great!